The Story of Made to Dance

Made to Dance began from the roots of the Smooth Moves Dance Academy of Dance established in 2001. As the school expanded each year so did the demand for costumes. Recognizing the need for sets of quality up-to-date costumes at a reasonable price, Made to Dance began filling this need in 2004.

At Made to Dance we understand the factors that come into play which add tremendous stress to an already stressful occasion – your special recital.

We understand the number of mothers who can sew are rapidly diminishing, the cost of fabric and trimmings is continually rising and the lack of storage space and precious time are also problems. So much to organize and sometimes you just simply run out of ideas. Let us take some of the load off your shoulders.

Our hire costumes are in excellent condition and are affordable for even the smallest dance company. We cater for small and large groups. Many of our customers are interstate so state borders are no obstacle.

Our Costume Hire Commitment

To provide beautiful costumes of a high standard that will ensure your dancers feel comfortable and confident when they step out on stage.  Backed with the knowledge that they look fantastic, your dancers will feel free to concentrate on the technical side of their performance.

To free you of some of the burden of organizing your event by ensuring your costumes arrive in excellent clean condition.

To provide a friendly, reliable and professional service.  Every effort will be made to ensure our hiring process caters for your particular needs.

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