$20.00 each

Quantity per Size:
1 x size 10 (child)
4 x size XS (teen/adult)
9 x size S (teen/adult)
4 x size M (teen/adult)
1 x size L (teen/adult)
Total = 19



These costumes lend themselves to a variety of styles and statements, both dramatic and dreamy. Each costume is its own individual variety on the central theme, in shades of muted gold and cream. The leotards are in lycra and the separate sleeves attached to a stretch choker are in a stretch lace. The leotards and sleeve fabrics are all slightly varied, but the skirts are identical. The gathered skirts, which are hooped and in a soft satin, can be lengthened or shortened depending on the look you are after, simply by pulling up or releasing the gathered ribbons.

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